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Blue Drusy Quartz Sterling Silver Earring

The cool blue of the faceted quartz contrasts beautifully with the sharp blue of the blue titanium c..

Blue Green Quartz Sterling Silver Earring

These vibrant earrings have lots of movement. The stones are titanium coating under frosted quartz, ..

Blue Lace Agate Iolite Sterling Silver Earring

These adorable earrings are made out of precious blue lace agate, with faceted blue topaz, moonstone..

Blue Quartz Sterling Silver Starfish Earring

These outstanding Amy Khan Russell starfish earrings are made out of smooth blue quartz, and sterlin..

Blue Topaz Aquamarine Crab Dangle Sterling Silver Earring

The ocean comes to life in the soft blue hues of these earrings. Faceted blue topaz, in the center o..

Blue Topaz Aquamarine Sterling Silver Earrings

Complete your look with this bright and blue Amy Kahn Russell earring, these earring contain faceted..

Blue Topaz Carved Lemon Citrine Sterling Silver Earrings

The subtle colors of these earrings, only accentuate all of the fine details, from the silver accent..

Blue Topaz Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Earring

The cool colors of these earrings have been created with the combination of faceted, blue topaz ston..

Blue Topaz Larimar Sea Horse Sterling Silver Earrings

The ocean will speak to you with these earrings. The many hues of blue are reflected in the faceted ..

Blue Topaz Lotus Flower Sterling Silver Earring

These dainty lotus flower earrings are an adorable find, and contain faceted blue topaz stones that ..

Blue Topaz Peridot Glass Nautilus Shell Sterling Silver Earring

These ocean inspired earrings have glass nautilus shells with faceted peridot and blue topaz stones,..

Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Earrings

These earrings are blue topaz, of a brilliant shade of blue. The stones are clustered together,..

Blue Topaz Swing Sterling Silver Earring

These light earrings are full of dramatic movement. Blue topaz stones, of all shapes and hues have b..

Boulder Opal  Amazonite Sterling Silver Earrings

These earrings are a beautiful display of strong lines and textures, with boulder opals, apatite,&nb..

Boulder Opal Amethyst Drusy Sterling Silver Earring

These dramatic earrings begin with purple titanium clad drusy agate, then move down to hand carved a..