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Blue Topaz Aquamarine Sterling Silver Earrings

Complete your look with this bright and blue Amy Kahn Russell earring, these earring contain faceted..

Blue Topaz Larimar Sea Horse Sterling Silver Earrings

The ocean will speak to you with these earrings. The many hues of blue are reflected in the faceted ..

Boulder Opal Garnet Sterling Silver Earrings

These earrings are a beautiful display of strong lines and textures, with boulder opals, garnets and..

Brass Bee Faceted Citrine Sterling Silver Earring

These lightweight and cute bee earrings are a bright addition to your earring collection, these love..

Brass Bunny Faceted Amethyst Sterling Silver Earrings

These adorable earrings are a perfect pair, and are made out of brass bunnies and faceted amethyst b..

Brass Encircled Oval Garnet Earring

Oval garnet earrings encircled with brass beads on silver. Earring can be post or clips. Dimensio..

Brass Flower with Purple Accented Earrings

Filigree brass and bronze deep purple flower earrings with enamel and quartz centers (available in p..

Brazilian Agate Drusy Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Earring

These glowing earrings are a fun and unique addition to your earring collection, these wonderful ear..

Calico Pyrite Brass Geranium Leaf Earrings

These subtle earrings highlight Sterling Silver bezel set calico pyrite and brass geranium leaves. W..

Carnelian Citrine Garnet Sterling Silver Earring

The warm colors in this cluster earring are carnelian, citrine and garnet stones, all set in sterlin..

Carnelian Garnet Sterling Silver Earring

The balance of stones and color in these earrings are created with carved carnelian and garnet stone..

Carnelian Orange Aventurine Sterling Silver Earring

These bright and bold earrings are made out of yellow citrine, carnelian, and carved orange aventuri..

Carnelian Vintage Glass Dragonfly Sterling Silver Earrings

These brilliant earrings hang from the ears beautifully, the stones in these gorgeous earrings are s..

Carved Agate Flower Hessonite Sterling Silver Earring

These flattering earrings add a glowing gold look to your earring collection, the stones in these ea..

Carved Amethyst Flower Sterling Silver Earring

These earrings are brilliant shades of purple, with hand carved amethyst flowers, accented with face..