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Carved Tiger's Eye Citrine Sterling Silver Earring

These earrings will work with any style or color palatte. Hand carved tiger's eye has been paired wi..

Carved Tiger's Eye Leaf Citrine Sterling Silver Earring

These earrings are a wonderful harmony of colors and textures. Hand carved tiger's eye leaves, citri..

Carved Tourmaline Sterling Silver Earrings

This earring offers many shades of pink tourmaline. Slender carved tourmalines hang from smooth tour..

Carved Turquoise Amazonite Sterling Silver Earrings

These bright, elongated earrings are carved turquoise, topped with smooth amazonite stones, all set ..

Carved Turquoise Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Earring

These intricately carved turquoise earrings are a brilliant blue, topped with a turquoise cabochon, ..

Carved Turquoise Flower Sterling Silver Earring

The pieces in this beautiful earring are carved turquoise stones and smooth turquoise set in sterlin..

Carved Turquoise Sterling Silver Earring

These bright earrings have turquoise stones that have flowers carved into them. They have been set i..

Carved Vesuvianite Hessonite Sterling Silver Earrings

In these earrings, vesuvianite stones have been carved into graceful leaves, and accompanied with ro..

Carved Whisky Quartz Flower Sterling Silver Earring

These striking earrings have flowers carved out of shining whisky quartz, and is all perfectly set i..

Carved White Cinnabar Turquoise Sterling Silver Earring

The pieces in this earring are carved white cinnabar and smooth turquoise stones all set in Sterling..

Chacledony Purple Quartz Drop Earring

An elegant pair of lavender earrings. A tradition design by Amy Kahn Russell of faceted chalcedony, ..

Chalcedony Aquamarine Ammolite Sterling Silver Earring

The light colors of faceted aquamarine and carved chalcedony stones, are matched with fiery ammolite..

Chalcedony Blue Topaz Cluster Sterling Silver Earring

The soft hues of these earrings are created with faceted chalcedony, blue topaz and carved flower ag..

Chalcedony Freshwater Pearl Purple Agate Dangle Sterling Silver Earring

The pieces in these beautiful earrings are faceted chalcedony, freshwater pearl, and smooth purple a..

Chalcedony Opal Amethyst Cluster Earring

This chic earring showcases stunning smooth and faceted chalcedony beads, with prong set faceted ame..