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Brass Cheetahs with Green Celestial Quartz dangle Earrings

Leopards made of brass stand guard atop green celestial and angelic quartz with gold-filled wir..

Cheetah Black Onyx and Chalco Pyrite Sterling Silver Earrings

These earrings where made to match the Pyrite Slade Cheetah Bracelet. These sterling silver set earr..

Double Cheetah Pendant on Chain Necklace

Amy's love of wild cats is potrayed in this long pendant necklace. A brass casing of two cheetahs pe..

Lion Russian Hand Painted Gemstone Pin - Pendant

This pin- pendant has and elegant garden beauty to it. A Russian miniture hand painting of a lion an..

Multi Animal Print Enamel Agate Bracelet

Deep brown and gold animal print enameled agate bracelet set in sterling silver with brass beading."..

Pyrite with Slade Cheetah Sterling Silver Earrings

Pair this unique design with the matching necklace and bracelet for completed look. A brass cheetah ..

Pyrite with Slade Rutilated Quartz Cheetah Sterling Silver Bracelet

This the top pick of the year. This sterling silver bracelet is set with pyrite in slade, faceted ru..

Russian Hand Painting Lion Pendant Necklace

This showpiece is an impressive work of art that is hand painting in Russian on a large piece of mot..